Environmental Policy

The Safe use of all Products

All locations shall be provided with product COSHH information.

Employees will be trained and tested in the safe and proper use of cleaning products.

Full records of training will be maintained.

Effective Disposal of Waste

All waste and used products will be disposed of according to the instructions and regulations.

Wherever possible, recycling of waste products will be carried out by our employees and we will assist our customers, whenever possible to practice the same.


If at all possible we will deal with suppliers who are able to offer products produced in the following manner:

Using renewable resources, recycled materials, recyclable containers and energy conserving supplies.

We shall establish our customers requirements for environmental management practice and shall endeavour to meet this criteria.

Employee Safety

Employees will be trained and tested in safe working practices.

Employees will be provided with the necessary equipment to ensure a safe working environment.

Training records are kept and up-dated regularly for each employee.

Risk assessments are conducted for each working process and location and best practices adopted to reduce risks associated with the cleaning processes adopted.