Method of Operation


By using carefully selected and trained staff who follow well defined routines which have been proved effective in many premises, managed by a team who are experts in the commercial cleaning business, our quotation provides for the most cost effective and professional service for your premises.


Our uniformed staff who complete the regular cleaning work on your premises are the most important members of the team that will provide our service. Our policy is to select people who have the ability, personality and behavioural skills to work either individually or in teams on customer’s premises, to then train them effectively, manage them competently and pay them fairly.


Staff are sourced through adverts in the local press, Job Centres and referrals from existing staff. All potential employees are required to complete an application form and are interviewed by a manager to assess their suitability, references are checked and they are vetted to ensure that they are eligible to work in the UK, prior to confirmation of their employment.


Each member of our staff will complete a structured training syllabus, covering cleaning techniques, equipment, materials, conduct and health & safety. The training is based upon tried and tested CCS systemised cleaning methods and includes use of quick reference cards for the cleaner during their early days.

Supervision and Management

A working contract supervisor will be responsible for day to day management of our staff on your premises, one of our Contract Managers will be appointed to maintain contact with you on a regular basis and ensure your total satisfaction with our service. Our Contract Manager will regularly visit your premises while cleaning is in progress to carry out routine quality control checks, replenish supplies of cleaning materials, liase with our staff and maintain a detailed level of knowledge of your premises to enable holiday and sickness cover to be scheduled and provided.

Equipment and Materials

We will provide all the equipment and materials that are needed by our staff to complete the cleaning schedule, cleaning products used are carefully selected from reputable companies.. Product Safety Data Sheet complying with the COSSH regulations are provided for all products used by us on your premises.

Health and Safety

All CCS employees are trained in safe working practices, the correct and safe use of chemicals and equipment and are provided with all necessary protective clothing. Copies of our Health & Safety policy and rules are available on site together with data sheets complying with COSHH regulations for all cleaning chemicals that will be used on your premises. All of our electrical equipment is regularly checked and tested in compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations.

In order to reduce the risk of cross contamination, cloths, mops, buckets and other cleaning equipment are supplied using a colour coding system

Window Cleaning

Will be carried out under a sub contract arrangement with one of several local specialist companies who have been closely associated with CCS for many years and who carry out window cleaning for us on many of our contracts. They have wide experience and expertise, which includes use of hydraulic platforms and abseiling for cleaning windows on high or difficult access buildings. We will provide a safe system of working statement for this activity.

Carpet Maintenance

We would recommend a regular maintenance programme for the carpets in high traffic areas such as main walkways and high impact zones such as executive office areas. The following section details the optional CCS Regular Programme Carpet Care System, a price for this service can be supplied if required.

Feminine Hygiene

We also have the facility to provide feminine hygiene disposal bins and dispensers. This service would be provided under a sub contract arrangement with Capitol Hygiene, a company who are recognised as one of the market leaders supplying these services.